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13x Global Open opentibia.online
Uptime: 97.33%
Port: 7171
Players: 9 / 1000
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Last Update: June 16, 2024, 10:48 am

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Current Time: June 16, 2024, 10:48 am

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Players: - / -
Points: 0
Monsters: ?
NPCs: 0
Uptime: 79.98%
Peak Record: 37 players online on April 8, 2024, 10:02 pm CET

In the last 30 days:
5 players online on May 19, 2024, 1:20 pm CET

Server: ClassicTibia 7.4
Added: April 5, 2024, 11:06 pm CET
Last time online: June 3, 2024, 6:05 am CET
Updated: 2 min. ago

Server description

Get ready for a old school custom server full of mysteries and adventures!?
Come feel the nostalgic gameplay from the 7.4 playstyle.

What is Amporia??
Amporia is a low rated custom map with alot of mysteries and adventures. The old school playstyle really brings back the nostalgic in you. ?
Theres a task system where you can gain a high amount of experience or an item when completing your task, your choice.?
On the server there is two types of surprise chests. You have the common one and the rare one. These are randomly spawning across the world and can be opened with a specific key that you can get from completing tasks or quests. If the chests have not been found during two hours they will respawn to another location.?
Every monster has a Angelic and a Demonic form. It's 8% chance they will respawn into one of these minibosses. The minibosses has more health and deal more damage on you. They also provide you more experience and a chance of better loot.?
There is upgrading crystals - The attacking upgrade crystal will upgrade your weapon with 1 extra attack. The upgrading crystal can be used max 5 times each weapon. The defensive upgrade crystal will upgrade your shield or armor with 1 extra defense. This upgrading crystal can also be used max 5 times each weapon. They are obtainable from monsters, tasks and quests.?
There is a addon NPC that you can trade with to gain custom addons from.?
Explore the deep sea by increasing your fishing skill and see what you can find.?
Just like the random surprise chests we have two random boss teleports spawning across the world. To enter these teleports you need a specific key that you can gain from doing tasks, quests or looting from monsters. ?
We have a tier system on our items. You can loot a bronze, silver, or a gold tier item. The bronze tier gives you 2 extra attributes on your weapon, the silver tier gives you 3 attribtues and the gold tier gives you 4 attributes. The attributes can be everything from a skill boost or a elemental protection. ?
Everything is obtainable in the game.